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About Us

At Kamcheyenne Limousin, our philosophy is that healthy soil & water = naturally healthy cattleAs such, we strive to encourage natural development without the use of harsh chemicals in our paddocks, or a reliance on grain and other unnatural methods of intervention to push growth in our animals.  To find out more about us, please click here.

The Kamshare Program

Are you interested in moving into the wonderful world of cattle but a little unsure as to how to start? We're here to help. Our Kamshare Cattle program is specifically designed for people in this situation. Whether you are looking for great live-in lawnmowers, or a way of producing your own beef, we are sure to have some girls for you!  To find out more about this program, please click here.

Kamcheyenne Farm Services

Kamcheyenne Farm Services offers a local service, with reasonable and affordable rates.  Click here for more information on how we can help you.

Meat Sales

Healthy, clean, lean, tender and local yearling beef.  No added chemicals, no antibiotics, no hormone growth promotants, no added colouring, water, or preservatives.  Click here to find out more about our beef, and how to order.


Kamcheyenne Bulls

Kamcheyenne Limousin often has bulls available for sale - click here for more information and to see some of our past sale bulls.  Enquire with us today to arrange a viewing.

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