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There are several ways you can purchase our beef.


Sides of beef are $15.00 per kg carcass weight. The average side is 100-120 kg, bones included.


We also offer 15kg meat packs for $260.  The breakdown of the box can be seen below:



If you are after smaller quantities, however, we have individually cryovaced packs of beef available at both the One Tree Hill General Store and Diner, and Athelstone Quality Meats.

With all beef purchased from Kamcheyenne Limousin, we guarantee:


  • A consistent product - the average age at slaughter is 13 months (age range 11-14 months)

  • Lean, low fat but tender meat with a guarantee of 7-9 days hang time before ANY break down of carcass by our butcher

  • A local product

  • Stress free animal raising and handling practices - we also personally transport our animals ensuring no undue stress before slaughter, an extremely important factor for the end product

  • Open information on feeding regimes, with no hormones, growth promotants, antibiotics or added chemicals used

  • The use of sustainable farming practices - our philosophy is healthy soil and water promotes naturally healthy animals

  • Full and open disclosure of farm practices to our clients


Our stud is open 7 days a week if you would like to arrange a visit - feel free to contact us for further information.

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