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Founded in 1999, Kamcheyenne Limousin is a beef cattle stud running out of One Tree Hill. The name of the business relates to the first animals stud owner Sarah ever bred - 2 much loved Appaloosa horses, Kamiah and Cheyenne. When the property diversified to cattle production, a meaningful name was required, and so Kamcheyenne was born. Unfortunately, both Kamiah and Cheyenne have both since passed on, but their memory lives on.


Sarah was originally given an opportunity to lease some land and, due to a love of animals and a desire to produce beef for the commercial sector, she made the decision to move into cattle. However, as she says, "I had very little knowledge of cattle and quickly realised that cows were not just cows. Confusion and frustration began to set in!!" Sarah was lucky enough to find a solution in the form of a student of hers by the name of Nina Makin. It turned out that Nina was the wife of Jock Makin, who was one of a handful of people involved not only in bringing Limousin to Australia, but also in the formation of the Australian Limousin Breeders Society and the author of a book Sarah credits as essential at improving her understanding of cattle - "The Eye, the Nose, and the Pencil - Breeding and Managing Stud Cattle". And so, the Kamcheyenne herd began with a couple of Murray Grey/Fresian crosses, and 2 French Pure Limousin cows with heifer calves at foot. The Limousin were so impressive that the crosses were moved on, making way for 4 more French Pure's.


We didn't necessarily begin in the traditional way - initially we put Murray Grey bulls over the Limousin sire, which, given the Limousin' excellent reputation as Terminal sires, is a bit backwards, we know! But by 2002/2003, the focus on the farm had switched to Pure Limousin. With great support from friends and the Australian Limousin Breeders Society, the first Limousin Bull was put over the Kamcheyenne herd in early 2003. The first pure Limousin calves hit the ground at Kamcheyenne in late 2003 - 8 heifers and 4 bulls.


The primary considerations for choosing Limousin were:

  • Longevity - Limousin can still calve with ease up to and beyond 18 years of age

  • Easy Calving - the females are large framed and require very little, if any assistance, even as heifers

  • Easy Doing - the breed is reknowned for maintaining condition even under the poorest of paddock conditions

  • High Muscle, Low Fat - the extremely high muscle and low fat content produces heavier beasts over the scales, increasing profit

  • Consumer Demand - Limousin produce low fat, tender meat, satisfying consumers' desire for a healthy and tasty eating experience


We have now expanded to over 40 Limousin females. Kamcheyenne Limousin has historically used a combination of AI bulls and bulls on the ground to bring a range of bloodlines into the herd - docility and growth have always been the main focus, with a move recently into polled cattle for ease of management. This combination has served us well, and is something that will continue for the future.

At Kamcheyenne Limousin, we strive to encourage natural development without the use of harsh chemicals in our paddocks or a reliance on grain and other unnatural methods of intervention to push growth in our animals. We are dedicated to best practice in animal health and land management, and continue to grow and learn as this does. Our basic philosophy is that  healthy soil & water = naturally healthy cattle. We aim to produce top quality animals with a superior end product (our beef). Docility, growth, and conformation remain the key focus within the breeding program. We also aim to play an active role in the development and marketing of the Limousin breed to the breeder, hobby farmer, and commercial producer alike.


Our guarantee is quiet, fertile, sound and above all hardy cattle that will thrive in normal paddock conditions.

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