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Are you interested in moving into the wonderful world of cattle but a little unsure as to how to start? We're here to help. Our Kamshare Cattle program is specifically designed for people in this situation. Whether you are looking for great live-in lawnmowers, or a way of producing your own beef, we are sure to have some girls for you.

All cattle selected to be a part of the Kamchare Cattle program are extremely docile, with most enjoying a scratch out in the paddock - this makes them great for people who are just starting out and for those with children.


We offer 24 hour support to our Kamshare Properties, so if you have any questions or minor problems you can contact us and potentially save a costly vet fee. We are also happy to come out and assist with regular health management regimes, such as tagging calves, worming, etc.


If you are interested in the joy of calves, we have a rotational Kamshare Bull that can be made available for your use - all Kamshare Bulls are docile and halter trained, ensuring easy transitions between properties.

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